An analysis of the story of nancy cruzans last years of life and death

The whole body of trusts and estate law presupposes that a decedent has a legally enforceable right to control the disposition of property after death. Those who have made decisions about such matters without resort to the courts certainly consider the quality of life, and balance this against the unpleasant consequences to the patient.

Yet, he still could not impart anything to those around him. In this case it was not so much the physical pain of the cancer that plagued him; it was the mental burden of a lingering illness.

George Will, for example, described scientists who argued that infants with Down's syndrome are a social burden and should be killed as "the morally deformed condemning the genetically defective. The informed consent doctrine has become firmly entrenched in American tort law.

Up until now the legal debate on the right to die has been wildly confused. People outside of the medical profession who are fortunate enough not to have a loved one among the 10, PVS patients in this country are likely to have only a vague understanding of persistent vegetative states.

Modern technology has turned what was in an inconsequential question into one that the Court will soon have to answer.

Every breath you take contains a molecule of history

His factual findings are supported by the record and his legal conclusions by overwhelming weight of authority. Though suffering and death underlie Judeo-Christian theology, basic compassion seems to dictate that a patient in terrible pain should be allowed to die.

Love and Let Die

Santosky, supra, at When Does a Person Cease to be a "Person". PVS patients stand in a unique position under the Fourteenth Amendment. An Appraisal and a Proposal, U. Please preserve the hyperlinks in the story.

In observing that Cruzan was not dead, the court referred to the following Missouri statute: The clarity with which a patient expresses a desire to continue life or biological existence will also influence the analysis.

I am concerned, from the tenor of today's opinions, that we are poised to confuse that enterprise as successfully as we have confused the enterprise of legislating concerning abortion -- requiring it to be conducted against a background of federal constitutional imperatives that are unknown because they are being newly crafted from Term to Term.

The testimony adduced at trial consisted primarily of Nancy Cruzan's statements made to a housemate about a year before her accident that she would not want to live should she face life as a "vegetable," and other observations to the same effect.

Apart from the dollars that would be spent on these efforts, they would fundamentally alter the nature of our society. Moreover, persons with a sufficiently deep desire to continue receiving treatment, should they enter PVS, could choose to reside in a state that allowed such treatment.

Bequest and Betrayal: Memoirs of a Parent'...

But it was not to be; they told him that all they could do was take him home and keep him comfortable until he died.

As ofthe only two states that continue to define death without reference to brain function are New York and New Jersey. University of Chicago geologist Dr. When hope is gone, the duty ends. Why does that always have to be the topic of conversation.

The parents then sought and received authorization from the state trial court for termination. Other courts have found state statutory law relevant to the resolution of these issues. In my view, the Constitution requires the State to care for Nancy Cruzan's life in a way that gives appropriate respect to her own best interests.

How would the possibility of a lifetime that could extend across centuries affect human values, religion, and the way people live their lives. One writer suggested that PVS patients, "utterly abstracted from empirical reality," may experience "endless hallucinatory visions.

But Nancy Cruzan's interest in life, no less than that of any other person, includes an interest in how she will be thought of after her death by those whose opinions mattered to her.

Our perceptions about the precision of the term "human" may change. Here, Missouri has in effect recognized that under certain circumstances a surrogate may act for the patient in electing to have hydration and nutrition withdrawn in such a way as to cause death, but it has established a procedural safeguard to assure that the action of the surrogate conforms as best it may to the wishes expressed by the patient while competent.

Chief Justice Rehnquist anticipated the possibility that a state may in the future find itself taking a position opposite that of Missouri in Cruzan, and seek to terminate, rather than preserve, life over the objections of loved ones.

I write separately to clarify why I believe this to be so In states where a different consensus exists, treatment of PVS patients might continue.

The work of handling the goods Search. Yes, we shall live, Uncle salvation in death valley a creative story. In some places, that day may already have arrived.

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Not sure what I'd do without @Kibin - Alfredo Alvarez, student @ Miami University. Exactly what I needed. The opposition of life and liberty in this case are thus not the result of Nancy Cruzan's tragic accident, but are instead the artificial consequence of Missouri's effort, and this Court's willingness, to abstract Nancy Cruzan's life from Nancy Cruzan's person.

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