An analysis of the book stories i stole by wendell steavenson

However Wendell never loses self awareness making light of her descriptive writing style, as she mocks herself for her fantastic metaphors; she maintains a sensitive yet cynical authorial voice throughout. Beautifully written, gem-like, compact, full of perfect sentences, rich but never verbose.

An analysis of the book stories i stole by wendell steavenson

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While some readers perhaps did not enjoy Wendell's detours in to her own romantic mishaps, and while I did find this to some degree self indulgent, and I felt her baring of her own soul added to the book, and ultimately I think everyone is allowed to be a bit self indulgent in their first book, especially when it was written at a very young age.

Her reward is a book, her first, that Chekhov himself would have admired. Critical Analysis of The Inchcape Rock: But about halfway through you realize Steavenson's book is more than a compelling travel memoir, that it is an artfully constructed epic of wanderlust, romance, cigarettes, and cold feet, all of it salted with an abundance of local color.

She finds herself not only reporting on their struggle for freedom, but feeling that she is living it alongside them. Steavenson has chosen Tblisi, capital of the former Soviet Republic of Georgia.

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Stories I Stole

One of the men fetched another petrol can from the car and decanted it into an old plastic Coke bottle. The rest she holds back, and that withholding tempers her storytelling into art.

Adults, surviving on vodka and rotten cigarettes, asked what the Georgian government was for. When they did not know you well, they filled your glass and filled it again and carefully watched how you drank it.


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Wine is a thing to be shared, like the bread of sacrament. Dato was badly disfigured in a car crash; while he was recovering, Aleko seduced his wife. Just as the book’s focus is Tahrir, an unrepresentative fragment of a wider Egypt, it is peopled disproportionately by cosmopolitan, English-speaking stars of the liberal protest movement.

Befriending them, Steavenson gets an insight into their simultaneous integrity and insularity, which eventually sealed the fate of liberal parties at the ballot box. Buy Stories I Stole by Wendell Steavenson from Waterstones today!

Click and Collect from your local Waterstones or get FREE UK delivery on orders over £ Jul 09,  · Stories I Stole by Wendell Stevenson. I visited Georgia twice now, in andso some fifteen to twenty after Wendell’s visit and some twenty five years after Georgia became an independent country, as far as former soviet republics ever will be independent countries/5.

Here we have a few things, we have wine, we have our stories and these things we would like to share.' Our glasses were held poised.

Few journalists would have the gumption to do on assignment what the now year-old Steavenson did on a whim—leave a job in Time's London office in the late s for the relatively volatile region of the Caucasus.

Her reward is a book, her first, that Chekhov himself would have admired.

Guns, roses and vodka

Wendell Steavenson is the author of Stories I Stole about Georgia, The Weight of a Mustard Seed about Saddam’s Iraq and Circling the Square, Stories from the Egyptian Revolution. She contributes to the New Yorker, the Guardian and Prospect Magazine, and writes the Eat Life column for Spectator Life.

An analysis of the book stories i stole by wendell steavenson
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An analysis of the book stories i stole by wendell steavenson